Thursday, June 19, 2014

No news is ...

Greeting from the California Central Coast!

The dust is beginning to settle from our recent move and rumor has it I'll begin instructing at the San Luis Obispo Airport later today. Any airplane flies the same way regardless of your location, but the environment is different here. A fairly busy Class D airport as opposed to Oakland's Class C and already I miss the rapid pace (if not downright surly) interactions with NorCal.

With a bit of down time there was a chance to finish the fifth edition of The Concise Guide to IFR, which is available now on the iBooks store. It incorporates recent FAA changes regarding “climb via” and “descend via” phraseology as well as enhancements to the preflight section on weather charts and symbols.

There will be changes in the types of aircraft I'll be flying. Not much in the way of glass panel aircraft here and apparently no multi-engine instruction. Just aren't enough rooftops to support that sort of thing. Not that I'm complaining, just observing what an airline pilot friend pointed out: One can expend considerable time and effort to claw one's way up the aviation mountain, but the slide back down can occur in the blink of an eye.

So I'm beginning a new journey, but still with plenty of Bay Area connections and friendships. There are several Northern California pilots with whom I'm flying, preparing for check rides, but the number is shrinking. Congratulations go out to Jim on a successful check ride and on becoming the Bay Area's newest CFI! A couple of more check rides to go, and then Oakland and the East Bay become a distant memory?

Time will tell ...


Colin said...

Thanks for the link to the book, which since I read your blog in an RSS reader had slipped past me somehow. Now I have it on my iPad.

You are now close enough that I could come up for a lesson, which is an improvement. There is a DiamondStar pilot fly-in for Santa Barbara set for July, let me know if you want details.

John Ewing said...


You're welcome for the link and thanks for buying my book. Please feel free to post comments on the iBooks store.

I'd heard about the KSBA Diamond fly-in, so maybe I can convince the DA42NG owner I fly with to attend and pick me up on the way.

If you have the urge to fly up, I'd be happy to provide instruction or grab a bite to eat with you at the Spirit of San Luis.


CG said...

Best wishes and best of luck.

John Ewing said...

Thanks Christian. If you find yourself flying the SR22 in my area, drop me a line and we'll have lunch.