Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 2014 Photos

Expect fewer than average posts over the next few weeks as I prepare to move to the CA central coast. For now, here are some recent photos ...

Departing Ukiah

Mt. Diablo at Sunset

Flying the Eastern Sierra

En route San Diego

Heading South

Hold at KACBY

Lee Vining

Mono Lake

Approaching Mono Lake

Near Lake Mendocino

Over US 395

Eastern Sierra Turbulence

Over Truckee Carson City


Harry Fox said...

The photo labelled "over Truckee" looks like over Minden to me. I fly those Eastern Sierra skies a lot in gliders -- looks like some nice soaring conditions while you were getting bounced around under those high-based cu.

John Ewing said...


You are correct! That photo is from the vicinity of Carson City/Minden. I confused this photo with others taken as we spent 15 minutes around Prosser Lake coaxing the owner's non-turbocharged Cirrus to altitude before turning southeast.