Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Flying

Over ENCOLAnother boring Bay Area sunsetHolding pattern at TRACY intersectionCentral Valley FogReservoir of the CowboysBay Area Twilight
Over TiburonLivermore ILS RWY 25R

January 2013 Flying, a set on Flickr.
Some random photos from the last few weeks of flying and instructing.


Douglas Clark said...

So many pictures with N392MA's wing! Glad to see Little MA in your very capable hands!


Douglas Clark said...

Glad to see shots with N392MA's wing and G1000. Hope you enjoy flying Little MA.


John Ewing said...


Some of the photos are 2MA and some are another DA40 whose owner is undergoing instrument training with me.

About 40% of my flight time lately is in the DA42 and the DA40. Funny how it ebbs and flows between the various models ...