Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Flying

Approaching South Lake Tahoe

Headed home, into the sun

Heavenly Light

Lake Tahoe

More Layers

Sierra Smoke

Oakland Departure

Oakland Hills

After the Cold Front passes

Vectors SCK RNAV 11L

Here's that rainy day ...

More smoke

Sierra Snow

Lots o' screens!


Brent at iflyblog.com said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like a lot of fun!

CG said...

So pretty....

Mondoid said...

That is one nice flight deck!


getjets said...

Happy New Year all...!!

Adam S. said...

What type of holder is holding your IPad and where did you get it? Are you in a Cirrus? Is it attached to the yoke?

John Ewing said...


RAM makes several styles of iPad mounts.

Some of the pictures are in a Cirrus, some in a Diamond. In both cases a suction mount is used. Look closely at some of the photos and you'll get the idea.

shubh said...

Awesome flying pics.

bluebirdflightacademy said...

Awesome photos.