Thursday, November 22, 2012


A beautiful sunny day in SoCal and I found myself hiking to the top of Cowles Mountain to enjoy a beautiful view, to pause, consider true happiness, and to be thankful.

I have the week off with my lovely wife and the best inlaws anyone could ask for.

I have the best job in the world, albeit at the bottom of the aviation food chain, self-employed, and with a passel of good pilots to teach, from student to budding CFI.

I enjoy excellent health, the vital signs of a twenty year old, and take no medication (save a daily baby aspirin).

While none of these things can be purchased at a shopping mall or online on Black Friday or any other day, they nevertheless embody true happiness. To all my readers, newfound or longtime: This Thanksgiving I wish you a wonderful day filled not with ephemeral thrills offered by material goods and gains, but with the true contentment of open-hearted friendship and above all, love.

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JohnOCFII said...

Lovely sentiment, and a nice video too.

While flight instructing is not my primary vocation, it is my key avocation. This year is my first with my medical requiring a Special Issuance, so I'm very clearly aware of the fortunate position I am in.

Thanks again for your insightful blog.