Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Flying

A few new photos. Some are from last week's numerous Thanksgiving flights. A kind of busman's holiday for me, but enjoyable nonetheless. Enjoy ...

Approaching Lake Havasu

Approaching Palm Springs

About to cross Tehachapi

Bermuda Dunes ahead

Base leg, Lake Havasu

On top ...

Downwind, Lake Havasu

Mojave Sunset

On top, en route KUKI

Briefing the approach

Approaching MDA

MDA, approaching MAP

Missed approach over KUKI

Airlift of injured hiker, Cowles Mt., Thanksgiving Day

Another Mojave sunset ...

Whole lot of nothin', but pretty nonetheless

Surreal missed approach

When able, proceed direct REBAS


JohnOCFII said...

Really nice! Not very much change in land elevation here in Minnesota.

I appreciate the pictures.

Dennis said...

Great plane und great pics. The aircraft has a diesel engine?

John Ewing said...


Yes, virtually all the DA42s in the US have some sort of diesel engine. Many have the older Thielert engines, this particular aircraft has the newer Austro engines.