Saturday, November 10, 2012

Forecast: iPad Mini with occasional IFR

A few photos and some more observations about the suitability of the iPad mini for instrument flying and VFR flying. Enjoy!

Peace and quiet at dusk.

Approaching San Francisco Bay

Flying the pattern at Santa Rosa

Preparing for Launch

Over Suisin Bay

Piper Arrow yoke mount: ForeFlight Checklist Pro on the iPad mini

Not underwater - in the clouds

Merced Localizer Backcourse approach

Direct SUNOL

Ram X-Grip II with yoke mount on the Piper Arrow

Shot through a Rosen Visor! (forced slow shutter speed to eliminate prop artifacts)

ForeFlight on the iPad mini

iPad mini on practice approach at dusk


JohnOCFII said...

Really nice!

PropFan said...

Do you feel the X-grip is secure enough to hold the mini in portrait mode in turbulence?

John Ewing said...

I've not flown with the X-grip in anything greater than moderate chop, but so far it has done just fine. The suction cup grip has also been very reliable.