Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Flight Instructor's World

Midfield Downwind

Near Mt. Hamilton

Pretty plane, but why do they run that noisy APU for hours and hours?


Steep turns at dusk

Sonoma Valley Sunrise

Circuit Breakers and Sunlight

Don't see these everyday

Another Bay Area Sunset

Over SFO, vectors EUGEN ...

Four Fundamentals, under the hood ...

Somewhere near Healdsburg

Hang on, hang on!

DME arc to CCR

Old stomping grounds, different airplane

Santa Rosa Six, over HWY 101 
Stalls at Sunset


Ryan said...

You need to come into STS and I will meet you for lunch!

Ryan (ryanthepilot)

Ron said...

They probably run the APU so long because the passenger(s) are not on time. Or they have a "sliding" departure time and need to be ready (FP loaded, cabin cooled, etc) to go whenever the pax do appear. Or they're doing a database update on the avionics (which can take a while especially in older planes). Or they're setting up catering, cleaning the cabin, or a dozen other reasons.

John Ewing said...

So that's how the problems of the 2% become our problems!