Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Flying Home

More photos from a recent cross-country flight with the owner of a newly purchased aircraft.

Flying into the setting sun, somewhere over Ohio. Or is that Indiana?

Back home again ... over Indiana, I think.

First overnight stop.
Overnighting in DeKalb, Illinois provided a unique opportunity: Got to have dinner and breakfast with a good friend and I got to reminisce. This was my first landing at DeKalb in many years. I soloed at this airport, decades ago.

Early morning start ...

In my day, there was Rwy 9/27 & no instrument approaches. Now there's Rwy 2/20, too.

Pretty sedate weather over Iowa and Nebraska until heading into Colorado.

Lions & tigers & SIGMETs, Oh my!

Climbing higher in search of a smoother ride.

Departing Denver Centennial, there was a lot of stuff to dodge.

Some deviations, but a mostly smooth ride.

Elected to stay VFR, underneath the stuff the airlines were dodging.

Lots of virga.

Thank goodness for Rosen visors.

Approaching Utah at sunset.
Arriving at our next overnight.

Guess where?

Another early departure ...

Big body of water, in a desert?

Over the Great Salt Lake.

Heading toward Battle Mountain.

Approaching Lovelock.

Pyramid Lake, near the last fuel stop - Reno-Stead.

Ironically, the bumpiest ride was over the Sierra Mountains. Lots of traffic in the California Central Valley reduced photo opportunities, but we made our arrival into Oakland via a practice approach and this DA42NG's flexibility in approach speeds paid off: A Learjet on a visual approach to the same runway was instructed to follow us. How cool is that?


JohnOCFII said...

Nice photos. I would love to hear more about routing choices based on weather, aircraft capabilities, etc.

Last weekend I flew from Minnesota to Virginia, around some pretty big systems in the mid-section of the country on Friday. Having onboard ADS-B weather was very comforting for the strategic data.


John Ewing said...

Hi John,

I do have some thoughts on planning a LONG cross country. I'll see if I can collect them into a post in the next few days.

Bob said...

Looks like a neat layover near SLC - is it Heber City?

John Ewing said...


Excellent guess, but not Herber City.

CG said...

What engines does this one have?

Trevor Smith said...

that is a shinny new airplane! great photos

John Ewing said...


DA42s that have the NG emblems are equipped with the new Austro E4-B engines. The aircraft with the TwinStar emblems have one of the two versions of the infamous Theilert engines.

I refer to it as a "Twin Diamond" when talking to ATC. Some controllers refer to all DA42 as "TwinStar," but in this case it's technically a DA42NG. Oh well ...

CG said...

Lovely airplane... FIKI?

It's really interesting to see how "socialist" Europe is out-innovating us here in small airplanes...

John Ewing said...

Yes, the TKS is approved for flight into known icing.