Sunday, May 06, 2012

Livin' the Dream

More substantive posts are still in the oven. In the mean time, here are some recent photos ...

Flight of the Cougar

Inbound KPAO
It's always sunny in SoCal, Right?
Unusual Attitude with Contrail
"End Fire" glide slope antenna for the new KAPC ILS 36L
Talkin' to "Show Time" (Lemore MOA)
Is it always cloudy over Panoche?
Sikorsky Skycrane at rest
Vectors KSEE LOC D
San Pablo Bay
One of the few aircraft where an iPad yoke mount actually works.


Dave Starr said...

Always enjoy the pictures, John.

The "End Fire" glide slope antenna definitely caught my attention.

"Back in the day" I used to run projects which often included installing glide slope antennas for the USAF.

I was always amazed that the 'conventional' tower antennas haven't killed more people than they probably have.

Looks like a welcome safety improvident. Fly on ...

John Ewing said...


I agree that the "end fire" antenna array is an elegant design. It works in confined areas, doesn't bounce signals off the ground (which always seemed dicy to me), and is especially good in areas where terrain and water prevent use of a conventional antennav

The "end fire" came up in discussion I had with an airport employee at KOAK. Seems the Port and the FAA wanted to acquire such an antenna for the RWY 11 ILS, but the skinny was the company that makes this product is a family business that apparently is closing their doors. If that's true, it's a shame and this new installation at KAPC may very well be one of the last.

toddgrx said...

Talkin' to "Show Time" (Lemore MOA)... I recognize that co-pilot. Is that her call-sign?

John Ewing said...


No, Show Time is what they call the Lemore ATC facility that you talk to if transition the MOA. They are very accommodating if the area is hot, but the military aircraft are doing their thing up in the flight levels. Shaved a few miles off out route.