Monday, April 09, 2012

Weather Shift

One effect of climate change seems to be a shift in the rainy season for Northern California. Winter is usually when we see the most rain, but after a dry winter the Bay Area has begun to see signifiant spring rains. Sitting at about 50% of normal rainfall for this time of year, every raindrop helps, especially when the weather systems result in snow fall in the Sierra Mountains. The Sierra snowpack is important since it provides water for Central Valley farmers and many Bay Area cities.

With rain storms coming later in the year, the freezing levels have tended to be higher and that has made for more flyable conditions in a small plane. And there has been some convective activity and unique, showery precipitation. Here are some photos.

Flying the Blue Beast
Final, Stockton RNAV RWY 11L
Inbound to Columbia
Cloud Shadow over Discovery Bay
Localized Showers, Tracy, CA
Rain Drops
Reflecting while on Vectors ...
More Valley Showers
The Other City by the Bay
Calm Waters, Pt. Reyes
Sliding Underneath
On Top
Sutter Buttes
Short Final


JohnOCFII said...

Lovely Photos. I've had the pleasure of a little bit of flying in California (probably 6-8 flights in the Bay Area, and 12 or so flights from Minnesota to Santa Maria). These photos remind me of the lovely varied environment which is so different than the upper midwest!

Rydair said...
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Guto said...

I'm from Brazil and i like to see your blog.
I want to do ATP and your blog is very good.

Rydair said...

Great shots!
Will be following your blog closely!
I'm currently taking a FI-course here in Sweden.
Check out my blog.