Thursday, March 22, 2012

ForeFlight Mobile adds Documents

ForeFlight Mobile 4.4 has added a way to store and view PDF documents on the iPad. ForeFlight provides versions of popular FAA handbooks, parts of the Airport/Facility Directory previously not available in this app, and chart legends for download and manages those files just like a chart subscription. This ForeFlight video explains the documents feature in great detail.

Documents in ForeFlight Mobile from ForeFlight on Vimeo.

The document reader provides indexed documents and allows you to save bookmarks. Complex pages, like illustrations the one below from the FAA's Instrument Flying Handbook, can take a while to render (though they seem to render much faster on the new iPad) which may leave you with the impression that the page you selected is blank. Be patient and you'll see complex pages appear.

You can download and store enhanced Class B representations. Unlike SkyCharts Pro, ForeFlight still doesn't provide important Terminal Area Chart marginalia (like the VFR routings through LA Class B) shown below. Hopefully that will be coming soon.

To store your own PDF document in ForeFlight, simply need to email it as an attachment, open the email using the iPad Mail app, tap on the attachment icon, tap the icon in the right upper corner, tap on Open In ..., and select ForeFlight from the list of available apps.

For operators who want to distribute electronic copies of important company documents, like the latest version of their OpSpec, the ForeFlight documents feature should save a lot of paper, weight and heartache. ForeFlight continues to do a good job of balancing their app's feature set so that it is useful for individual pilots as well as commercial operators. ForeFlight also doesn't seem to be afraid to innovate and at this rate, the competition has a lot of catching-up to do.


Paul in the CA Desert said...

I was excited to see the AFD Supplemental, now I can get the SoCal TEC routes from within FF. Now my last big complaint is the VFR corridor information, if they could add that I really might not need paper at all.

toddgrx said...

I submitted a request for the LA Terminal Chart routing info with FF awhile back. I was hoping to see it available with their new Documents, but it wasn't. I've requested again.

capnaux said...

Great stuff! While our company hasn't yet approved iPad use in the cockpit-let alone joined the 21st century-they do have our Flight Ops Manual, Pilot Handbook, QRH, etc. scanned into iBooks format, which is great!

Now if we can only get them to spring for e-Jepps...

Mike said...

When you say the complex graphics render faster on the "new" iPad, do you mean the iPad 3?

I continue to hear that the greater resolution of the iPad 3 causes complex graphics to render slower than the iPad 2, despite the faster processor.

Please clarify,



John Ewing said...


First off, yes I was referring to the third generation iPad. Apple confused things by calling the latest version the "new iPad." Many have begun referring to it as the "iPad 3" which is less confusing ...

Some graphics render faster, depending on the application. ForeFlight seems to have issues with graphics rendering that make it actually go slower.

GoodReader seems to render complex documents faster.

Google Earth also seems faster.

Your mileage may vary ...