Monday, February 27, 2012

Flying the DC-7

I wrote a while ago about two vintage aircraft that used to sit between the taxiways on Oakland's North Field: A P3 Orion that was cut up for scrap and a DC-6 that was refurbished and flew out on its own power. I've never flown on either aircraft types, but seeing the DC-6 do a last low-pass over 27 left before departing to the East was like going back in time.

Here's a video about Sully and Skiles getting their SIC type ratings in the Historical Flight Foundation's DC-7. It's fun to watch guys who flew a lot of hours in modern jet airliners flying with a flight engineer and talking about carb heat, cowl flaps, and mixture settings. Check it out!

The Historical Flight Foundation's web site says this aircraft suffered an engine failure and is in maintenance indefinitely for repairs. Should you feel like making a donation to help out, contact the Historical Flight Foundation at,, or by calling 305-883-2012.

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