Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Year, New Photos

Very hectic teaching schedule the last six weeks due to warm and dry conditions, but the weather has finally become winter-like. More posts in the hopper, but until then ... some photos.

Descent to Clear Lake

Coastal Range

Bay Area Morning

Fog Rolls in at Mavericks

Valley Light

Mission Peak

Altamont Windmills

Near Panoche

Also Near Panoche

Winter Arrived a few days ago ...

Lake Merced

San Francisco

San Joaquin Sunrise

Scaggs Island Inbound

Valley Fog Advecting Westward

Near Tracy

Windmills and Fog

Zeppelin Sunset


Ignacio said...

Hi, those are some really good photos! May I ask: Which camera do you use? Do you have to edit the photos a lot for them to look like that in the end?
keep up the good work!

John Ewing said...

Wish I had a fancy camera, but this is just my iPhone 4. I do some cropping, but that's it. I frequently use HDR mode on the iPhone camera settings.