Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week off

Pilot de-briefing room

I'm taking a short rest from flying and blogging, but here are some photos I've been saving up. Wishing all my readers a safe and restful Thanksgiving holiday ...

Start of work day

Cup of good coffee, new aircraft, great view, life is good.
Hot air balloons? Winds must be calm ...
No time for fish-n-chips ...
Steep spirals near Honker Bay

Marine layer pushing in

Rio Vista Afternoon

Rio Vista Sunset

End of the penultimate flight for today
Last flight of the day


Hamish said...

Hmmm -- that pilot debriefing room looks familiar. Arcata?

John Ewing said...


LJ35 said...

The marine layer picture is great !

Bonjour from France ! :-)