Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pilot's Perspective

My schedule continues to be very busy and considering the state of the economy, this is a bit perplexing. Things will undoubtedly slow down and provide time to post a few things that are in the works. Until then ...

Livermore Valley

Practice RNAV approach to Lampson

On-Shore Push

Central Valley, somewhere ...

Crossing the 29 Numbers

The Devil's Mountain

Heading down the bay, over Leslie Salt.
Near Isleton, on the RNAV 25 to Rio Vista

Somewhere near Modesto
Another view of Southbay Salt Ponds

Holding at WRAPS intersection

Still Holding at WRAPS intersection

Dumbarton Bridge, South SF Bay
Approaching Watsonville

Short final, Oakdale

Accidental self-portrait


kt said...

always enjoy your photos!

Mike said...

Me too.

What are you doing with those head clamps on your head? I thought you went to a Lightspeed a long time ago?

John Ewing said...

Glad you like the photos.

Mike, that is a pair of LightSpeed headsets, just not my usual Mach1, in-ear.

A while back I sent the Mach1 in for a tune-up. As usual, LightSpeed offered excellent service. While I waited, I used the LightSpeed Zulu (which is my back-up). What I discovered is that even with the custom ear molds, the Mach1 is not as quiet as the Zulu. In some aircraft (late model Cirrus), it's not a big deal because the plane is quiet to begin with. In an old Duchess with leaky-to-non-existant door seals, it makes a big difference.

I'm probably going to trade in my Mach1 for another pair of Zulu, truth be told.