Monday, April 04, 2011

Funny Business

To students and low-time pilots, aviation may seem busy, business-like and serious. But the truth is there's often plenty of room to have a bit of fun on the radio. Here's a sampling of a few things I've heard on frequency over the past few years that I've been saving up. In some cases, I was personally involved, but in other cases I was just listening and chuckling.

Gulfstream: Oakland Tower, Gulfstream 123, ILS 27 Right, request 27 Left. 

Tower: Gulfstream 123, Oakland Tower, Howdy! I can offer you 27 Left, but expect about an 8 hour delay. Right now it's occupied by a bunch of service vehicles. 

Gulfstream: Okay, we'll take 27 Right

Ground: Duchess 123, Oakland ground, taxi 27 right via delta and charlie, maintain VFR at our below 2000', standby for a transponder code

Me: Delta, charlie, 27 right, VFR at or below 2000, Duchess 123.

Ground: Ah, Duchess 123, where did you say you were parked?

Me: Well we actually park in the Bat Cave, but we tell everyone the Port-a-Ports.

SFO Tower: Stationair 456, I have several heavies I need to depart runways 28, do you have to take photos right there?

Me: Everyone has to be somewhere.

Delta: Ground, Delta 123, ready to push gate 18.

Ground: Delta 123, Howdy, Oakland North Ground, contact South ground on 121.75

Me: Oakland Ground, Cessna 456, ready to push at the Port-a-Ports, VFR Ukiah with Foxtrot.

Ground: Cessna 456, Oakland Ground, push at your discretion, runway 33 taxi via delta, juliet, ...

JetBlue: Norcal, JetBlue 1122, one two thousand descending eight thousand with Foxtrot, How ya doin'?

Norcal: JetBlue 1122, Norcal Approach, when able proceed direct GILRO, How YOU doin'?


JetAviator7 said...

In the early days there was a lot more camaraderie between pilots and controllers, but today it seems a bit more stiff.

Still, every once in a while we hear some interesting conversations (some intentional, some not) that pique our interest!

eric said...

Overheard while getting vectored for the ILS low approach at KRDR (Grand Forks Air Force Base).

Grand Forks Approach: Sioux 66, contact Red River tower now, 124.9.
Sioux 66 (clearly nervous): Ah, Sioux 66, roger, contact tower at… uh, what was tower again?
Grand Forks Approach: It's a big tall building with lots of windows, but that's not important right now.

Brendan said...

first comment, keep up the work. Love the bay area perspective on aviation.

Funny ATC story, listen to the recording!

John Ewing said...


Thanks for your words of encouragement.

Regarding the Rockaway Beach incident, that is Funny Business of a different sort. There are many things one could comment on - including the pilot's apparent lack of understanding of regulations on minimum safe altitudes, careless and reckless behavior, poor radio skills. He assumed a lot of risk just because he saw beach landings on a TV show about Alaskan flying.

Perhaps his behavior will change now that NYPD and the FAA are "up in his grille," but this guy seems to be a menace to himself, his passengers, and the public. GA's cause is not furthered by pilots who behave like this guy.