Friday, January 28, 2011

Flying, Wiki-style

Having been in the blogging world for nearly six years, I get a fair number of comments, requests, and suggestions every week. And while authoring a blog can make one a target for vitriol and drive-by comments, you can also be introduced to some wonderful people and learn about new, cool stuff. For a good example of something new and cool, look no further than Keith West's new wiki-style aviation site How It Flies.

If you've ever wondered about a particular aircraft's V-speeds, weights, performance, specifications, or history then How It Flies is just the site for you. If you have knowledge and experience in a particular aircraft type that you'd like to share, you can create a login and that will give you the ability to edit and add information. This a great site for dark, cold nights when you just want to curl up with your laptop in a comfy chair and do some armchair flying.

Some features I'd like to see added? It would be cool to see the addition of some missing aircraft types (okay, some are oddball aircraft that I just happen to have flown). Right now there is no ability to add a new type, just the ability to edit existing types (provided you have created a login). The turbo-prop category could be divided into separate single- and multi-engine categories, but overall the site already contains a treasure trove of information.

Given it's wiki style one assumes it will only get better with time. So go and check out what Keith has put together. And if you have some specific aircraft type information and expertise, well roll up your sleeves, get to work, and share what you know!

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Thanks so much for your nice comments and helpful suggestions. I found your post in looking at my site statistics. Your blog is well followed, you're my top referrer this weekend behind Google and Facebook!