Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lost Summer

Some Bay Area residents thought the summer of 2009 was unseasonably cool, but the summer of 2010 was the coolest I can remember since arriving here nearly 25 years ago. We did get a few hot days and the contrasts were startling. Several weeks of cool, gray skies, then two days in a row of no sea breeze, clear skies, and 95 degree F highs, then back to 60 degrees and cloudy.

Here are some photos of a recent IFR training flight I taught when it looked more like January than early September.

Heading 310, radar vectors ...
Must be Orinda down there.
CCR Runways barely visible on the left edge.
Vectors for the LDA 19R
Near SABLO @ 4000'
OAT dropped to 6 degrees C near GROVE. Summer?
Reminds me of Caravan driving at Xmas time.


Steve said...

Great photos!

Sarah said...

Nice photos, indeed. I love IFR for several reasons, but the cloud appreciation society membership is a big reason.

I note a XAON 'pcas' on the glareshield. I have one for my sailplane, but have given up using it in airplanes. I've had too many missed aircraft below the horizon ( under all that engine metal? ).

David said...


John Ewing said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Sarah, yes that's a Xaon PCAS. I use it on every flight except in one 172 I fly that has a built-in Bendix/King TAS with an antenna on the top of the aircraft and an antenna on the belly.

It's true the Xaon's antenna reception is masked by the aircraft structure. And while the Xaon is not perfect and doesn't see all aircraft, but it has alerted me to traffic on every single fight. After three years of use, I wouldn't fly without it.