Sunday, October 18, 2009

LogTen Pro Update

A recent, major upgrade to the Mac-based electronic logbook LogTen Pro has added some nifty features. For airline pilots, LogTen Pro 5 on the Mac allows you to import flight schedules from a wide variety of airline scheduling systems.

A feature that all pilots can appreciate is the ability to download data on more than 27,000 "landing places" and have that data automatically filled in when you log your flights. They aren't called airports because "places" include things like heliports, sea ports, even oil rigs.

LogTen Pro 5 is said to be significantly faster than the previous version, though I haven't noticed that much difference. The new version offers ways to track currency and duty limits that are simple to figure out and use. On the downside, some users (including me) have experienced occasional, yet nagging syncing problems between LogTen Pro and LogTen Mobile.

In spite of some minor gripes, LogTen Pro and LogTen Mobile have become staple applications for many pilots. Both products have certainly changed the way I track my flight times. And in the interest of transparency let me add that I received my upgrade to version 5 at no cost in consideration for my reviews of LogTen, past and present.


Anonymous said...

Compared to your other high quality posts, this one seems very "lame" leading me to conclude that either you were under pressure to get this out quickly or you did not have good things to say about this product.

John Ewing said...


Let me be clear that I use LogTen Pro and LogTen Mobile virtually every day and recommend them highly based on my personal experience.

I regret that I'm unable to provide a more thorough review of the airline schedule import feature as I'm currently not employed by an airline and do not have access to a suitable scheduling system.

As for my review being "lame," let me point out that you (like the vast majority of my readers) have most likely chosen not to use the DONATE button (found in the upper right corner of by blog). So I must point out that you, sir or 'madame, are a freeloader.

While I suspect that you have received all my previous "high quality posts" for free, I don't want to see any dissatisfied readers. So I'll offer to refund any contribution that you have made, assuming you can provide me the date and amount of your last contribution.

Until we meet again, let me say, Anonymous, that I just LOVE your poetry ...