Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hv u seen my "vo"?

It occurs to me that one use of a blog might be to make lame posts that document things that occurred at a specific time, kinda like sending yourself something in the mail as a proof of copyright. Okay, maybe a blog posting doesn't carry the same legal weight, but that's how I'm going to use it today.

At dinner the other night, a friend mentioned that he thought there should be a short, two letter placeholder that could be used to substitute for any noun that should be obvious from context. His idea was to have a shorthand for text messaging a noun using just one or two key presses.

I found this interesting because a few years ago my wife and I had taken to using the word "schnitzel" during conversation for just such a purpose: "Honey, have you seen my schnitzel? I left it right by the front door and now I can't find it." You see, as you get older it can often be difficult to produce certain words from the depths of one's brain on the spur of the moment. If you're younger than age 50, this probably won't make any sense and you'll have to indulge me.

Back to the dinner conversation, I heard my friend's lament and immediately thought of a unique consonant and vowel combination and blurted out "Well, how about vo?" You know, rhymes with snow?" Another friend immediately chimed in: "VO could stand for 'very obvious.'" I was there. I saw it happen. Perhaps this will turn out to be as momentous an occasion as the completion of the East-West Railroad, or Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon, or some other ... vo.

So my question to you, gentle reader, is can you think of some uses of vo for a noun that should be obvious from context? Or is this just a further degradation of language brought on by technology and sloth?

And here's another question: Should it be permissible to use vo as an adjective that should be obvious from context, or is that just too ... vo?

In any event, just remember when vo starts appearing in text messages, in emails, and on your local news programs, you heard it here first.


Hamish said...

Hmmm. I don't even have one, but "vo" to me instantly makes me think "TiVo"... which is probably not what you intend :-).

Grayson said...

I'm def gonna start using that! ;) My family NEVER finishes sentences, we rely on each other to fill in the word that is replaced with a clacking of the tongue.

To answer your question: Yes, I think if it is obvious enough, it could be used!(in this case we both know that IT is VO, for example) Also, if it were an adjective, vo makes me think of vague.

My two cents. Thanks for sharing haha!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...if I were British I would say, "that's suspect, mate."