Thursday, March 05, 2009

Refreshing Paws

For readers who noticed an earlier lull in my posting frequency, I was busy preparing for two new arrivals - ages three and four.

It's been almost a year since the passing of our basenji Hunter and as the old saying goes "A home without a dog is just a house." While these two knuckle-heads may look sedate, appearances are deceiving. When they are not snoozing, I often refer to them as the Pandemonium Twins.

We adopted them through Basenji Rescue and Transport, a great organization if you're considering being owned by a basenji.


hellosimon said...

Good to hear!

I waited about a year before adopting a springer spaniel from the local rescue after my previous springer of 8 wonderful years succumbed to cancer. At the time I thought a year was a bit short and it felt a bit like betrayal after a hard loss. Fortunately that feeling didn't last long.

I had forgotten (blocked out?) how unruly a young springer can be and I have to say it hasn't been easy in many ways, but I certainly don't regret it and am happier because of it.

Good luck!


Lyle Garza said...

Best of luck from another basenji blessed pilot!
They are very um unique dogs, but always a joy.

John said...

Having two young, active and healthy basenji is a challenge, but these guys are pretty well-behaved. Of course, there are moments.

Like the first time I tried having them chase a laser pointer dot inside the house: Not a good idea. The only time I've seen them more "on task" is when they treed a squirrel in the back yard.

All of these challenges melt away when I arrive home and am greeted by a heartfelt basenji "Barrooooh!" and realize that I am, once again, part of a pack.

Jack said...

We too waited about a year from the time our last dog passed until we adopted Skipper, our 75 lb "Great Pointer" as we call him (think he's German shorthair/Great Dane mix). And, yes, a house without a dog is just a house. Though we miss our dogs that have passed on, Skipper makes our house more of a home. He's quite the goof ball but loyal. fun to hang out with and take on adventures.

Congrats on adopting this new pair John. It's great that you're able to provide them a home and that, in turn, they can provide you with that special connection from the canine world. Hopefully they'll provide you some entertaining non-aviation post fodder :-)