Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aviation Sitcom

During a recent email exchange with a pilot friend, we got to fantasizing about how TV might have been used to further interest in General Aviation. This all came about when he saw the 1970's paint scheme on an older twin that I've been flying and dubbed it "The Brady Bunch Plane." For those of you old enough to remember Sky King and Whirlybirds here are some ideas for re-tooling old TV shows so that they would pique the aviation interests of American TV viewers.

"My Favorite Pilot" - A socially awkward aviator tries to fit in with regular humans, enlisting the help of his understanding nephew.

"Have Twin, Will Travel" - Worn out from years of flying in Alaska, a grizzled pilot bounces from town to town, searching for the meaning of life and regular work.

"The Unflyables" - A situation comedy where two inept, inner-city A&Ps trade barbs while collecting junk planes, engines, and avionics.

"Drag Link" - Laconic, emotionless FAA inspectors search for poorly maintained aircraft so they can cite the owners - "Just the logbooks, ma'am."

"Twin Bonanza" - The Cartwright family travels throughout Nevada, trying to do what's good and right, but always forgetting to turn off their strobes while taxiing at night.

Now here's my challenge to you: If you caught the references to the original, old TV shows, perhaps you can think of some other parodies based on the fare that currently graces our airwaves.


Colin Summers said...

I have nothing to offer, but wanted to mention that the fellow who created Sky King is 93 and still flies out of El Monte Airport (KEMT). Always with an instructor (I have a suspicion his medical isn't current).

Jeff said...

Gilligan's ILS

Anonymous said...

Leave it the Beaver (Otter). A sitcom about a bush pilot who does stupid things, but learns from his mistakes after he gets chastized by the FDO

Dr.ATP said...

The Six Million Dollar Spam Can ("We can rebuild [it], better than before.")

The Flying Nun

No Time for Preflights

Repitched (The story of a witch whose prop advertising exec husband changes into a different prop advertising exec husband.)

The Adventures of Auster and Harrier (British family life sitcom; no exploding DC-4s, though.)

FAAther Knows Best

[Please stop me before I hurt myself...]

John said...

Some excellent puns!

How about "Welcome Back, Cotter Key" ...

Yellowbird said...

Dr.ATP said...
"The Six Million Dollar Spam Can ("We can rebuild [it], better than before.")"

How about "The Six Million dollar Hamburger"?

Pilot Bill said...

I just posted a podcast, , that had a similar theme. It is titled, “Where are the new young pilots? “Some of your readers may find it interesting. -pilot Bill