Thursday, June 26, 2008

California's Burning

While the midwest is soaked and flooded, Northern California is choked with smoke. Here's a listing of today's TFRs (Temorary Flight Restrictions). All but one of the blue dots that depicts the various TFR are associated with a wildfire. From Big Sur (just south of Monterey) to Mt. Shasta, over 800 fires are burning and most are less than 40% contained.

Low winds have kept the fires from getting even larger, but the lack of wind has also created a smoke inversion layer. The visibility and air quality in the SF Bay Area has been pretty bad, but it's even worse in the Livermore and Central Valleys. As a result, flying has been a bit constrained. I did a couple of practice approaches into Concord and afterward, I felt as if I'd smoked two packs of Gauloises.

I hope these fires come under control pretty soon. Unfortunately, the forecast for this weekend is predicting dry lightning.


MiguelSt said...

Yeah it´s true i saw the notices... Portugal in the summer have many fires too, what´s we do? Is the global

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Just wondering... I'm doing my initial issue multi engine instrument rating here in Aus, and everything is based off the NDB/ADF. You cannot gain an initial issue without demonstrating use of those.

In the US it seems the NDBs are being switched off, so I'm assuming the fundamentals of the rating is not geared around this antiquated piece of equipment.

Is this the case? How is the thing structure in the US?

Thanks if you have time to reply.