Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Waiting Game

The fascinating thing about maintenance delays in aviation is how so many other things can be affected. I'm waiting for a replacement part that was due to arrive today, but should now arrive tomorrow. If the part arrives and the replacement goes as planned, we'll launch tomorrow at mid-day. If ...

This gives me plenty of time to ponder some other issues. With all the delays, one of my VFR sectional charts has expired. All of the Airport/Facility Directories and Terminal Procedures will expire in a 6 days or so. And the Jepp databases in the two GPS units will expire by then, too. One would think that I'll be through those areas before these things expire. As they say in the world of investing "past performance is no guarantee of future results."

I pass some of the time by looking at the current weather and the forecast charts. The thunderstorm potential is much higher traveling through the southern and southeastern states. There are prog features that California pilots seldom have to concern themselves with, like the dry line that has been dancing back and forth, east then west, in west Texas for the last few days. I've watched the Nexrad images for the Gulf Coast states, seeing light precipitation build into a full-blown thunderstorm in little more that an hour. We may get stuck on the ground as we transit some of the territory ahead and one can only hope we'll be able to find a hangar (if necessary) and maybe some barbeque.

Other, more mundane parts of our planning have begun to be affected. The fresh fruit that we brought for the trip has either been consumed or has spoiled. We're going to need to do some laundry soon. And pilots to whom I give instruction have begun emailing me asking when I'll be back.

If only we knew ...

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John said...


I owned a Duchess and had problems with the gage cluster. It was sent back for overhaul at least 3 or 4 times before they got it right. Hope your luck is better than mine.