Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cluster's Last Stand

Turns out my previous post was too optimistic. The engine gauge cluster, after being bench tested, failed again once it was installed in the aircraft with new, shorter mounting screws. So we're waiting for another cluster to arrive and with the Memorial Day weekend upon us, the wait will be longer that we'd like.

But this all may have been a blessing in disguise. The weather in SoCal has been unusual for late May, to say the least. With thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, snow and high winds, I wouldn't have departed with the weather being reported along our proposed route and our alternate routes.

We've made a short detour to San Diego to visit relatives for a couple of days, hoping we'll be able to continue the trip the middle of next week.

With fingers crossed, we wait ...

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Shdwcaster said...

If you find yourself still in the Antelope Valley next week with more time to kill, I highly recommend the museum at Edwards AFB, as well as a quick trip over to Blackbird Airpark (Find Avenue P and head West).