Monday, December 18, 2006

The Whole Bloggin' World!

Here's a link to a Bay Area newspaper article on local blogs. Check it out. It even includes a reference to Aviation Mentor. Aw, shucks ...


Anonymous said...

That's awesome John. There's something cool about seeing your name in print that has been written by someone else. Your blog is presented well and full of useful tips and information for burgeoning pilots.

I'm still pathetically hanging on to a copy of The Wall Street Journal containing a paragraph or two about me from my previous life.


Anonymous said...


Stumbled on to your great blog a few days ago. I am a commercial rated pilot flying out of Palo Alto. Thanks for sharing your learnings with the rest of us.

Looks like your news article is no longer on the web. Maybe you have a pdf to which you could link instead?


Ritesh Lal