Monday, May 22, 2006

Tabla Rassa

While not exactly a clean slate, this marks my first post as my freight dog job ends and I return to full-time flight instructing. I'll be transitioning from my freight dog blog to my new blog - Aviation Mentor. Watch for more updates soon.


Dave Starr said...

Welcome to your new endeavor, John. I'm not sure how many actual readers your stats show, but we're out there, reading, and certainly many. many more are with you in spirit than will ever actually comment here.

Best of luck

Jim Howard said...

I'm sorry the freight dog gig didn't work out, but certainly you contributed a lot back to the aviation community via your blog. I'm very glad you are going to continue with both aviation and blogging.

I came by because I was wondering if you had heard this recording of a Caravan losing control in ice, and then regaining it. It's pretty dramatic.

Its at, Here:,1820.0.html

The mp3 file is attached to post #10.

You have to register to download the audio, but if you haven't heard this you might find it worth the trouble.

Colin Summers said...

I loved reading Freight Dog. Onward and upward! I look forward to Jet Charter Dog.

Googel Reader doesn't want to let me subscribe to Aviation Mentor, though.

Christian Goetze said...

Looking forward to your new postings. I wished I had the energy to post only half as much...

Big Country said...


Best of luck in your new Part 91 life. Keep us posted!

Big Country

christine said...

Hey, you're going to set up an RSS feed for this blog, right?

dave marcus said...

Hi John. Dave again. Followed u here. :-) I still think you should write a book about your Freight Dog days. A coallation of your blogs, perhaps. Maybe a bit too much to bite off with the new gig though huh? :-)

Sounds like you're having too much fun now anyway. Congrats!!

Just to ask...what would be the odds of you jotting down some of your favorite flight plans into a document? I would very much like to translate those into saved adventures for Microsoft Flight Simulator's "Freight Dogs" upgrade made by FSAddon. I'm looking for realistic cargo flights and schedules so I can further enhance my simming experience.

Then I could share those with other Freight Dog-simming enthusiasts and we can all partake in the journeys you have made. Whudduya think?

John said...

THE RSS feed is now enabled.

David, I'll see if I can compile some routes. Until then, here's an interesting one to try in FS:

KOAK SAU direct ENI FOT (dme arc to ACV ILS 32) KACV

Try an en route altitude of 8000' or 10,000'.

If on arrival you find the weather at ACV is 1000' ceiling and 3 miles vis or better, cancel IFR and proceed VFR to KEKA.

Ron said...

Welcome back to the instructing fold! With all the new TAA, sport pilot, VLJ, and other aircraft coming out, instructing is undoubtedly a more interesting gig than it would have been 20 years ago when there was nothing new on the horizon and the GA production lines were shut down.

John said...

Thanks for those observations, Ron. I actually never completely left the instruction world, but now that I'm back at it full time I feel, well, at home. Not that it's easy work, I just enjoy teaching.

dave marcus said...

Thanks John! If you come up with any more please plans please email them to I appreciate it!

Oshawapilot said...

Best of luck in your new venture, John. Better doing a job you like versus one that you don't.

It sounds like you really enjoy instructing, and for your students, that's a big thing versus an instructor that's just doing it to build time at a students expense.

I'll be a frequent visitor here as well, and will update my blogroll accordingly at my on blog.

Cassaundra said...

We may have laid to rest the best freight dog blog around, but its a lucky thing for the students!
Good for you John, never give up the dream, alittle side to side jogging about may be in order at times,but just look at the good you are doing others giving class A instruction.
Take good care....:-}}